Costume Fashion Contact Lenses

One great way to get peoples heads turning during Halloween is to wear a pair of costume fashion contact lenses. You can pop these lenses in an change the look of your whole costume. With designs like cat’s eyes, mirrored contact lenses, and many more to choose from you will leave the crowd wondering where you got your contact lenses from. Before choosing a pair of costume contact lenses it is important that you get an eye exam. Once you’ve had an eye exam you will know the correct size and shape of contact lenses you will need. Depending on your costume, there is a costume fashion lenses that will enhance your look and make you the center of attention.

One style of contact lenses that is increasingly becoming popular are the opaque lenses. You can get these lenses in a plain color or patterned. Many people worry that if they use a patterned contact lenses they won’t be able to see. Patterned contacted lenses are completely safe and effect your vision in no way. If you are wanting to get some attention at your next Halloween party show up in a pair of mirrored contact lenses. These lenses will give you the look the Vin Diesel had in the movie “Pitch Black” or Chronicles of Riddick”. These contact lenses are amazing. When someone looks into your eyes they will see themselves. These lenses are very cool, but the FDA has recently stated that you need a doctor’s not for some reason to wear the silver mirrored contact lenses. But, you can still get the fluorescent pink and blue mirrored lenses where ever fashion contacts are sold. 

Another great style of costume lense to choose from are the cat’s eyes. Once you put these lenses in you will look like a freak, but you will look cool. These lense are great for Halloween or costume parties, but I wouldn’t recommend walking around in public wearing them unless you want to see some seriuos head turns or loud whispers. Costume fashion lenses are great for anyone who has had an eye exam and wants to dramtically change their appearence for a special event or party. They are safe to wear and will not distract you from driving or any other activities you may be doing while wearing these contact lenses.